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Treatment Options Service

Many medical decisions about surgeries, tests, treatments and procedures have two or more treatment options. These cover many conditions, from knee and hip pain to early-stage breast or prostate cancer, and often the treatment options have both benefits and risks.

Medical decisions are not always easy or straightforward and there is no universally ‘right’ course of action. Patients must be aware of the risks and benefits to be able to make an informed decision on their treatment.

Through our unique Treatment Options Service, customers have immediate access to health coaching and advice from qualified healthcare professionals to help them choose the treatment that is right for them. The service has helped over 10,000 customers with informed decision-making or to manage chronic conditions since it was established in 2011.

Fiona Story's experience

Fiona Story runs a riding school in Cambridge. She was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and surgery was originally recommended as a course of treatment. Fiona got more information from the Bupa Treatment Options Service to help her decide what treatment was best for her.

Treatment Options Service“They spoke to me like a person and not a number, and gave me the confidence to make a better decision about what treatment was right for me.

The nurse I spoke to offered me more information about my options and she sent me an independent decision aid DVD and booklet. When I got back in touch they took the time to go through my options and explained things in terms that I could understand clearly.

”The Bupa Treatment Options Service nursing team has always been brilliant – it’s great that they have the time to listen and explain everything.“

It turns out that if I had the operation it might mean a recovery period of up to 4-6 months. My work is very important to me and I didn’t like the idea of spending months sitting around and not being active or working. The nurses explained the option of pain management, and I was interested in finding out more.

Pursuing this course of treatment has allowed me to continue to pursue my hobbies, take a holiday I thought I would need to cancel and keep doing the work that I love. I try to do a little bit less heavy lifting and strenuous exercise, and occasionally, if I need it, I have medication for the pain. Overall, I’ve been able to keep living the life I want, which is a great outcome for me.”

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