Access Online

Changes to Corporate reporting on Access Online
We've made improvements to Access Online to offer better reporting functionality for our corporate users.

Search reports & Email reports

We've introduced a search facility to help you find the reports you need more quickly. You can also request for reports to be e-mailed directly to your inbox.

New transaction report

This report details all transactions carried out against a Corporate Group Membership within the reporting period selected.

Joiners and leavers reports

Joiners and leavers reports are now available to you on Access Online. Your Account Manager can make sure this is set -up for you in Access Online if you need this report.

Should you require access to these reports, please advise your Account Manager.

If you have any questions around the changes to reporting, please contact our dedicated Access Online support team using the email below:

Access Online support: ecomsupport@bupa.com

Alternatively please contact your Account Manager to discuss the changes in more detail.