back and joint health Back and joint health

Back pain isn’t just a problem for manual occupations. Office workers are at risk of developing back problems and other work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) too.

Back pain and musculoskeletal disorders are the UK’s second and third major causes of long-term sickness absence among manual and non-manual workers1. 32% of all working time is attibutable to long term conditions1, it’s easy to see the financial threat posed to your business.

Back in business

Most people associate back injuries in the workplace with manual jobs involving heavy lifting and physical activity, but it can, and does, affect every industry.

RSI advice for employers

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is also known as work related upper limb disorder and it can be a huge drain on your company's productivity.

Sporting injuries

Whether you employ fitness fanatics or people who prefer to exercise sporadically, an injury can happen at any point and generally when you least expect it.

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    1 Absence and workplace health survey 2011. CBI. Date accessed 6 September 2011.

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