work life balance Work-life balance

It can be difficult, at times, to balance commitments at home and at work. Pressures at the office can spill over into your home life; affecting sleep and relationships. Equally, problems at home can’t be neatly packed away during working hours so employees may feel they have no option but to take time off as sick leave.

Find out how, with a little flexibility, you could help prevent short-term problems from escalating into serious, long-term attendance issues.

Can business be flexible?

Today's fast paced lifestyle means some employees, especially those with families, find balancing home and work life difficult.

Managers under pressure

Regularly working long hours, ill-health and a culture of 'soldiering on' regardless could be taking its toll on the productivity of your managers.

10 ways to strike a healthy work-life balance

10 ways that could help you and your employees achieve a healthy balance between work and home life.

Reclaim the
lunch break

UK companies are losing close to £50million a day in lost productivity as workers fail to take a lunch break^.

Work smarter, not harder

The rewards for businesses that get the work-life balance right can be huge.

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    ^Research findings are taken from a survey conducted amongst a nationally representative sample of adults working full time (1,011) by Fly Research between 10 January – 13 January 2011.

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