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Bupa Health Assessments are designed to put employees in control of their health and wellbeing.

Employees receive a detailed picture of their current health and a personalised action plan to encourage positive lifestyle changes to maintain good health and productivity in the future.

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Our health assessments are designed to suit individual employee health requirements and budgets of businesses with less than 250 employees. We have a number of assessments to choose from, with prices starting from just £364^. In addition to our core products – Complete, Advanced and Essential Health – we also offer a range of supplementary assessments and diagnostic checks.

Whichever assessment you choose your employees will undergo a series of health checks and have a consultation with a doctor. Based on the information gathered, they will receive a personalised report and action plan with recommendations to minimise the risk of future health problems.

Help your employees take control of their health and wellbeing Hide

A health assessment is a proactive, tangible health benefit that can help to motivate employees to take control of their health and wellbeing. Almost a third of people who have a health assessment identify an issue they were previously unaware of, and nearly three quarters said it prompted them to make positive lifestyle changes2.

Giving your employees a health check can help you avoid dips in productivity due to sickness and improve morale and wellbeing. You can offer health assessments to individual key stakeholders or roll out to all your employees.

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To run a healthy company, you need a healthy workforce. In smaller businesses sickness or underperformance due to illness, can affect the whole team.

Encouraging your workforce to look after themselves can have a positive impact on productivity and can also improve employee morale, recruitment and retention.

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As the market-leader in healthcare, we carry out over 70,000 health assessments every year. Our customers have told us that 93 percent feel reassured following their health assessment2.

Your employees can book their health assessment at over 45 convenient locations. Each one offers a welcoming and relaxing environment with most tests results available on the day.

New Services, shaped by you

We are always looking for ways to help your employees lead healthier, happier lives. To find out what health issues and services are most important, we spoke to our clients.

They told us that their priorities are to reduce the risk of long-term illnesses and target the most common causes of employee absence: musculoskeletal and mental health conditions. Promoting positive lifestyle choices is also important, as it can help reduce sickness absence, improve employee wellbeing and maximise productivity.

As a result, we have added the following improvements to our health assessments:

  • A mental health and wellbeing assessment to help identify stress and anxiety trigger points
  • Access to GP Anytime HealthLine for employees, 24/7 365 days a year
  • A musculoskeletal assessment designed to help employees keep fit, active and injury (as an alternative to hearing and vision tests)
  • Two lifestyle telephone coaching sessions to help employees reach their health goals (available with Advanced Health)

For more information about these changes, download the brochure  (pdf, 0.3mb)

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    1Vielife and the Institute of Health and Productivity Management, 2010

    2Bupa Customer Satisfaction Survey, August 2013 to January 2014

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