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Musculoskeletal services

Helping care for your muscles, bones and joints

Specialists at our health centres can help treat many issues concerned with your body’s muscles, bones and joint mobility. We combine diagnostic techniques and clinical treatments to help guide you back to your best. Our MSK services are available to everyone aged 18 and over, and you don’t need to be a Bupa member.

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Our physiotherapists typically provide treatments such as joint mobilisation, manual therapy, massage and acupuncture. These techniques are used to help reduce physical discomfort and help improve movement. More general physiotherapy techniques can include individual stretches and exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate specific areas of the body. Our Basinghall and Leeds health centres are now offering shockwave therapy for the treatment of chronic pain. This non-invasive process uses high-intensity sound waves which interact with the affected tissue to stimulate regeneration, restore functionality and relieve pain.
MSK Osteopathy


Musculoskeletal issues can begin with problems including poor posture and the misalignment of muscles and joints. Our osteopaths use their understanding of the relationship between the structure and function of the body to help resolve the cause of bone, joint and back problems. Osteopaths can treat conditions such as back pain, arthritis, restricted mobility and minor sports injuries.


Podiatrists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and disorders that affect the foot, ankle and lower limb, and how they react to stresses placed upon them. Podiatry techniques can combat conditions such as heel pain and pain from the thickening of tissue underneath the foot known as plantar fasciitis. Toe deformities and pain on movement of the foot may also be treated. Podiatrists can also provide assistance in easing Achilles tendinopathy, calf irritation, shin pain, anterior knee pain, iliotibial band friction syndrome, leg length discrepancies and lower back pain.
MSK Physicians

Musculoskeletal physicians

Our musculoskeletal physicians are experienced in diagnosing and treating problems with muscles, bones and joints. They focus on helping you return to normal activity, whether sporting or occupational. Issues ranging from acute back pain, sprains, muscle tears and sporting injuries to longstanding spinal, joint and muscle issues, including arthritis and spinal damage can be treated.
MSK orthopaedic surgeon consultations

Orthopaedic surgeon consultations

You may be referred to an orthopaedic consultant for conditions such as bone fractures, correction of spine or limb deformities, arthritis, and knee or hip replacement. We can offer consultations with an orthopaedic surgeon and will arrange surgery in one of our partner hospitals if this is the treatment appropriate for you. Covered by our quality assurance programme, partner hospitals have been chosen for their specialist capabilities and consistent standard of care. Following your surgery, you can receive aftercare at the partner hospital, or return to your local Bupa centre.
Pilates class


Pre and post-natal pilates – experience the Bupa difference
Whether you are expecting a new addition to the family - or have recently given birth - pilates is a safe, low impact way to strengthen your pelvic floor and core abdominal muscles. Run by physiotherapists, our classes are a great way to discover the benefits of pilates and achieve any personal goals and objectives you may have.

General pilates classes at Bupa
Bupa also hosts general pilates classes where you can explore the full benefits of this popular body conditioning system, with all the advantages that come with being taught in a small class by qualified physiotherapists or health advisers.

Musculoskeletal appointment prices

It’s important to consider not only the price of each session but also the number of sessions needed to complete your course of treatment - you may need more than one. Each Bupa health centre offers its own selection of MSK treatments, so please check with your choice of centre to see what they provide.
  • Service Greater London Outside Greater London
    Initial consultation £252.00 £222.00
    Follow-up consultation £192.00 £150.00
    Short follow-up consultation £96.00 £75.00
  • Service Greater London Outside Greater London
    Initial consultation £78.00 £58.80
    Follow-up consultation £61.20 £46.80
  • Service Greater London Outside Greater London
    Initial consultation £85.00 £49.00
    Follow-up consultation £59.00 £40.00
    Isokinetic testing £156.00 -
    Isokinetic final report £156.00 -
    Bupa run check £113.00 £113.00
    Bike assessment £113.00 £113.00
  • Service Greater London Outside Greater London
    Podiatry biomechanical assessment £192.00 £192.00
    Podiatry 30-minute consultation £78.00 £58.80
    Podiatry short follow-up consultation  £61.20 £46.80
  • Service Greater London Outside Greater London
    Diagnostic ultrasound £238.80 £226.80
  • Service Greater London Outside Greater London
    Paravertebral nerveblock £290.00 £290.00
    Epidural injection £580.80 £558.55
    Guided epidural injection £668.24 £635.95
    Soft tissue injection £384.60 £336.75
    Guided soft tissue injection £591.12 £501.36
    Intra-articular injection £480.00 £441.60
    Guided intra-articular injection £1,053.60 £892.80
    Facetjoint injection £445.44 £377.88
    Guided facetjoint injection £446.55 £387.88
  • Service Greater London Outside Greater London
    First six sessions
    £60 £60
     Additional block of six sessions
     Per class
     Not available
     1:1 (60 minutes)
     1:1 (30 minutes)

The price for X-rays and blood tests is variable. Your doctor will be able to advise you of the cost, depending on what you require.

Please check with a Bupa health centre on which services they provide.

A fee will be charged for non-attendance and when cancelling an appointment without giving 24 hours notice for Orthopaedic Physician, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Podiatry appointments.

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Frequently asked questions

Here's a selection of questions and answers that we've already helped our customers with. Expand all
  • No. You simply pay for your own treatment, and in some cases we can provide treatment for people covered by other health insurance providers. It’s important that you first check to make sure the proposed treatment is eligible with your own provider under their policy terms.
  • The Bupa musculoskeletal team is made up of some of the most experienced specialists in the UK, including those who work for Great Britain’s Olympic teams and a number of professional sports disciplines including rugby, football, cricket and UK Athletics. This means that all our specialists (and customers) benefit from the knowledge, experience and guidance of this expertise.
    All Bupa physiotherapists are musculoskeletal specialists with a minimum of five years’ experience, many with postgraduate specialist qualifications and experience in occupational health, manipulation, biomechanics and sports injuries.
  • You may be worried that your treatment will hurt and cause more pain than you already have. We are very aware of the importance of limiting the amount of pain and discomfort that you are experiencing. You may experience some treatment soreness, but this is usually short-term and settles. If discomfort is excessive your treatment will be altered accordingly.
    We are always pleased to hear about aspects of our service that you have particularly appreciated. We also want to hear about any problems you have experienced so that we can deal with them and improve our service for the future.
    If you have a complaint about any aspect of our service, we would like to address this straightaway. If possible, please speak to a member of staff at the centre. All centres have a complaints handler who has had specific training. Or you may prefer to talk to the centre manager.
    If we cannot satisfactorily resolve your concerns there and then, you may wish to make a complaint by telephone or in writing. Please call or write to the centre manager. Our centre addresses can be found using our Finder tool.
    We’ll aim to give you a written acknowledgement of your complaint within one working day of receipt. A full response will be made within 20 working days. All complaints are dealt with confidentially and impartially.
    If required, your complaint will be referred to the regional manager and may be escalated to the managing director.
    We keep a record of every complaint and look at how many we receive and the reasons why. We use this information along with our customer surveys to help make sure we continually improve the service we provide.
    This procedure does not affect your legal rights.
  • Yes, chartered physiotherapists with the appropriate postgraduate training are qualified to manipulate.
  • There is no pre-determined number of treatments for a specific condition. However following your initial consultation, your clinician will discuss and agree a treatment plan with you. This may include advice regarding the approximate number of treatments you need. However, it’s important to bear in mind that each person responds to treatment differently.
  • Please let us know of any disability at the time of booking so that special arrangements and/or an extended appointment can be made for you. For customers with restricted mobility we will need to give additional instructions regarding parking or access to the building. Customers with other difficulties such as communication problems should, where possible, arrange for a friend, relative or other assistant to accompany them, for example, an interpreter or signer.
    Bupa health centres providing musculoskeletal services do not have specialised equipment such as hoists.
  • The first time that you contact us, we will ask you to provide some personal details and open a confidential medical file for all your records. All patient records are subject to the same strict rules of confidentiality that you would expect of any medical records. No information will be passed to any third party without your consent.
  • Clinical governance
    Clinical governance is "a framework through which organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence of clinical care will flourish".1
    It requires that as an organisation we have:
    • quality improvement activity eg, audit
    • a process for monitoring
    • internal and external reviews
    • clear policies to manage risk
    • clinical incidents reporting
    • a clear complaints handling policy
    • management and reporting of poor performance

    Care Quality Commission
    This organisation requires that all our procedures and policies place the client as the most important stakeholder, and that we ensure client safety at all times through clear policies and procedures.
    Bupa Centres are regulated and inspected a minimum of once a year by the National Care Standards Commission. A copy of the latest inspection report is available from:
    Care Quality Commission
    National Correspondence
    Citygate, Gallowgate
    Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4PA
    ISO accreditation
    We currently operate under the guidelines of the ISO9001:2000 quality management system. As part of this, we operate a stringent clinical standards policy with full internal audit of all procedures. All non-clinical staff also undergo regular appraisal through the Bupa Positive Performance Management process.
    1. Source: BMJ 1998; 317 : 61 (Published 4 July 1998)
  • Details of our claims and referral process can be found here.
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