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Dental injuries

Key points

  • Dental injuries tend to happen as a result of a blow to your mouth and can lead to a tooth or teeth being cracked, chipped or knocked out.
  • If your tooth is knocked out but isn’t broken, try to reimplant it in your mouth – make sure it’s the right way up.
  • Don’t try to reimplant children’s teeth or teeth that are broken.
  • Treatment will vary depending on the damage to your tooth.
  • If you play a lot of sport that puts you at risk of dental injuries, wearing a mouthguard can help to prevent these.

Featured FAQ

My child fell and cut the inside of his lip with his front teeth. Will this affect his developing adult teeth?

The main factors that determine whether or not your child's adult teeth will be affected include his age and how severe the injury is. Take your child to the dentist as soon as possible so that his teeth and gums can be checked for any wobbliness, swelling or discolouration.

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