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Treatment and Care

Treatment and Care is for people who are happy to get diagnosed by the NHS but would like to receive treatment privately. Once you've been diagnosed, we will cover the cost of treatment by a private consultant and aftercare at a private hospital.

What's covered?

Getting diagnosed

Your initial diagnosis will be
through the NHS

Getting treated
  • Post diagnostic treatment
  • Therapies such as physiotherapy

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Adapting your cover to suit your needs

Cancer benefit

You have two options when it comes to cancer:

Full Cancer Cover

This includes full cancer cover from
diagnosis to treatment with no financial limits* when you use a fee assured consultant and hospital from your chosen Bupa network.

NHS Cancer Cover Plus

This means that we will cover the core treatment for cancer (i.e. radiotherapy, chemotherapy or a surgical operation) provided that the treatment is not available to you on the NHS.


*There are no financial or time limits for eligible treatment on your core health insurance when you use a facility from your chosen Bupa network and a Bupa recognised consultant who agrees to charge within Bupa limits (a fee assured consultant).


You can choose an excess from £0 to £500.

An excess is applied once every membership year that you claim, but it will reduce your monthly cost so could be worth considering.

Getting treated. What’s covered?Show all

tick iconHospital treatment Hide

Paid in full

This is the eligible treatment and care you have as an out-patient or whilst in hospital.

We will pay hospital and clinic charges for your eligible treatment and looking after you whilst in their care.

We will pay consultant fees (surgeons, anaesthetists or physicians) for your eligible treatment.

tick iconPost-diagnosis therapies Hide

Paid in full

This includes therapies such as physiotherapy.

We will pay the therapists' fees in full for eligible treatment.

tick iconMental health Hide

This includes eligible mental health treatment from a consultant or mental health and wellbeing therapist.

Treatment is subject to Bupa approval.

Limited to 28 days in-patient or day-patient care.

tick iconPost diagnosis out-patient consultations Hide

Paid in full

We will pay your fees for eligible consultations following treatment when you have been referred for this by your GP or a consultant.

tick iconPost diagnosis tests Hide

Paid in full

These are tests that your consultant may ask for following an initial diagnosis.

We will pay the hospital or clinic charges for these in full, whilst you are being treated as an out-patient, day-patient or in-patient. Included in this are any charges for interpreting the results of your tests.

tick iconPost diagnosis scans Hide

These are scans that your consultant may ask for to help them determine or assess your condition following an initial diagnosis.

There are rules, benefits and exclusions that may affect your cover . Please read the membership guide to find more details

tick iconCancer treatment and drugs Hide

Paid in full

This includes eligible treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Additional benefitsShow all

tick iconNHS cash benefit Hide

We will pay a cash benefit for private, eligible treatment provided to you free under the NHS.

  • For in-patient treatment, you will receive £50 per night up to 35 nights per year, as follows:
  • In relation to cancer treatment, for in-patient and certain out-patient, day-patient and home treatment you will receive £100 per session/ night up to 35 sessions/nights per year.
tick iconProcedure specific NHS cash benefits Hide

We know that it is important for you to have access to the highest quality of care in a setting that is right for you. To help ensure that you have a choice in where you receive your care, our specialist teams in the following areas are able to offer those requiring certain specific eligible procedures the option of receiving cash payments in place of private treatment when such treatment is carried out free under your NHS.

1. Cancer
2. Cardiac
3. Eye-Care;
4. Musculoskeletal conditions; and
5. Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

We offer NHS cash payments on a range of procedures across each specialist area. We know that these payments often assist people financially while they are unwell and receiving hospital treatment. Procedure Specific NHS Cash Benefits are paid directly to the main member on the policy. The member can they can choose to spend this however they wish. The Procedure Specific Cash Benefits offered may be changed from time to time. If you choose to accept a Procedure Specific NHS Cash Benefit, Bupa will not withdraw the offer unless you choose to do so.

We recommend that you discuss your options with your consultant. It is entirely your choice whether or not you choose to receive a Procedure Specific NHS Cash benefit or receive private treatment. There is no obligation for you to have future treatment within the NHS. You are free to revert back to private treatment if you wish to do so.

For more information or to discuss your options, please contact us on the helpline number detailed in your membership literature.

tick iconTreatment at home Hide

Paid in full

Certain treatment such as chemotherapy could be potentially administered at your home instead of in hospital. This benefit is subject to Bupa's approval.

tick iconHome nursing Hide

Paid in full

We will pay for home nursing charges following private, eligible in-patient treatment. This benefit is subject to our approval, following full clinical details from the Consultant.

tick iconPrivate ambulance Hide

We will pay for travel by private road ambulance if you need private day-patient treatment or in-patient treatment, and it is medically necessary for you to travel by ambulance.

Up to £60 per journey with no annual limit.

tick iconBupa Anytime HealthLine Hide

Around the clock, unlimited telephone consultations with our team of GPs and nurses.

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