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The flexibility and transparency of Bupa Select means that every business should be able to find a benefit combination that’s right for them.


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Consultations/Diagnostics/Therapies/Complementary Medicine

  • Full refund for MRI, CT and PET scans
  • Full refund for cancer treatment
  • £1,000 overall limit, physiotherapy limited to 10 sessions per annum, £250 of limit can be used for complementary therapies
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Out-patient options

  • Overall alternatives: £500 / £750 / £1,500 / £2,000 / Full refund
  • Complementary therapies alternatives: Exclude / £250 / £500 / Full refund or no limit/or specify separate benefit limit
  • Option to remove physiotherapy session limit – 10 sessions (included within overall out-patient limit)

The options below allow you to set a limit for out-patient benefits as follows:

  • Diagnostics - full refund
  • Consultations - £500, £1000 or full refund
  • Therapies - £500 or £1000
  • 10 sessions annual limit of physiotherapy (included within overall benefit limit)
  • Complementary medicine limit of £250 (within therapies limit)

Day and In-patient

(including out-patient surgical operations)

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  • Full refund for Partnership Network facility charges
  • Full refund for Partnership Consultants’ fees
  • Full refund for cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cancer drugs and bone marrow or stem cell transplants
  • 28 days psychiatric treatment
  • NHS cash benefit - £50 per night for 35 nights
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Day and In-patient options

  • Facility access: Full refund for participating network facilities, scales A, B or C
  • Consultant access: Full refund for Bupa-recognised consultants’ fees, irrespective of consultant partner status

NHS cash benefit options:

  • Exclude/£100 for 35 nights/£150 for 35 nights/£200 for 35 nights

Underwriting and waiting period

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  • No underwriting (Medical History Disregarded)
  • Psychiatric treatment: No waiting period applied
  • Pregnancy (caesarean sections): No waiting period applied
  • Infertility investigations: No waiting period applied
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Underwriting options (G)

  • Fully underwritten, waiting periods apply to infertility (24mths) & pregnancy (12mths) and psychiatric (24mths).
  • CPME – Continued Personal Medical Exclusions – any exclusions in place with an existing provider will remain
  • Applying underwriting – it can apply per member/per applicant member/per dependant
  • Psychiatric/pregnancy (caesarean sections)/infertility investigations – waive waiting period when normally applicable Note: waiting periods can only be waived collectively


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  • No excess
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Excess options

  • Excess amounts: £50 / £75 / £100 / £150 / £200 / £250 / £500
  • Excess basis: Per contract period/per rolling period (based on date of service)
  • Excess applies: Per member/per applicant member/per dependant/per registration

Note: if a dependant excess is chosen, a nil excess applies to the applicant member.


  • Co-pay percentage: 20% / 30%
  • Co-pay annual max: £250 / £500
  • Co-pay applies: Per member / per applicant member / per dependant / per registration

Note: if a dependant co-pay is chosen, no co-pay applies to the applicant member

Automatic benefit options

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Automatic benefit options (G)

Valid shortfall values to be paid on an annual limit basis up to the following values:

  • £100
  • £200
  • £500
  • £1,000
  • £2,000

Note: ABO replaces DBO

Extra benefits

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  • Private ambulance – £80 per trip, no annual maximum
  • Home nursing – £2,000
  • Healthline
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Specific medical condition options (G)

  • Exclude cancer (G)
  • Exclude psychiatric or increase to 45 days / 90 days (G)

Additional packages

Island and overseas packages

  • Island cover: Cover for employees on Jersey, Guernsey & Isle of Man (cover  includes travel to and from mainland and full refund for Bupa recognised  consultants’ fees) – £240 per trip
  • Overseas treatment
  • Repatriation (G)

Cash benefit packages

  • £100 per two year period for optical charge, £900 for accidental dental injury and £20 for prescription charges (G)
  • Family cash benefit £100 / £150 / £200 (a waiting period does not apply) (G) 

Leading the way in cancer cover

Flexible options - providing you with a choice of cover and costs Hide

At Bupa we understand you want to make informed decisions about the cover you provide for your employees. Our cancer cover options give you the flexibility to do just that. You can also be assured that whichever option you choose, Bupa only champions the best possible patient journey. This means that once your employees are on a particular treatment path, be it NHS or private, they will never be left without Bupa support.

Bupa offers three simple cancer cover options which you will find adjacent. Your Bupa Account Manager will be happy to give you more information or further guidance on the right decision for you and your company.

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Full Cancer Cover

Option 1 offers you and your employees our highest level of cancer cover. Our most comprehensive option covers employees at all stages of cancer treatment even if the cancer spreads or returns, and even if palliative treatment is required. Full Cancer Cover members have access to Bupa’s unique network of specialist cancer centres (breast, bowel and gynaecological), which guarantees treatment by an expert cancer team.

It is our priority to ensure that each and every member is able to follow the treatment path recommended by their consultant, so Option 1 covers treatment in both NHS and private hospitals. It also provides access to help and advice from our specialist Oncology Support Team.

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NHS Cancer Cover Plus

This is a cost-effective option which allows you to keep subscriptions down, while ensuring you and your employees have access to the cancer treatment recommended.

NHS Cancer Cover Plus covers you and your employees for all tests and consultations up to a diagnosis of cancer. Following that, if the treatment recommended by the consultant can be provided on the NHS, the patient will continue their treatment under NHS care, with additional telephone support from the Bupa Oncology Support Team. If the NHS is unable to provide the treatment recommended by the patient’s consultant, the patient’s cancer can be treated privately.

Option 3 Hide

Exclude Cancer

Bupa will cover up to the diagnosis of cancer but then provide no further financial benefit. However, members will still have access to support and advice from the Bupa Oncology Support Team.

  • * Calls will be recorded and may be monitored.
    Calls from landlines are free, however, mobile phone providers may charge.

    Options indicated by (G) can only be configured at a sub group level where multiple groups exist within an organisation, providing the overall membership size for the organisation is above 700 members and the specific sub group that the exclusive option relates to contains at least 50 members. In these instances the sub group with the option(s) will have to be priced separately which will need to be requested by the Account Manager when completing the quote request. All other options can be configured at a product level.

    ◊All cancer treatment costs are paid in full when patients use a fee assured consultant and hospitals in their selected network.

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