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With Bupa Select providing a diverse range of flexible healthcare solutions, the following illustrates just some of the options available to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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Example 1 - Medium sized manufacturing business

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The business is a medium sized family-run manufacturing business who offers corporate health cover to all 150 employees. The company is reviewing its current employee benefit spend with a need to cut costs, while also introducing more flexibility for employees. They chose Bupa for the tailored package options, which maintains a good level of cover but introduces more control over areas that create the greatest expense for the company.

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  1. Out-patient cover - Reduced to £750

    £750 provides a good level of cover for diagnostics and out-patient treatment however limiting benefit to £750, means exposure to high claims is reduced.
  1. Rolling excess of £100

    Some employees had been hit with two excess charges within a 12 month period as claims spanned two contract years. Now when a member pays their excess they will not have to pay another for 12 months – irrespective of the contract dates.
  1. Hospital access - Partnership network hospital access chosen

    Most employees live in the local area near to a well respected Bupa Partnership Network hospital. Hospital access upgrade is not chosen and has no affect on employees but costs are contained for the company.
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Bupa Select allows the client to offer extensive cover to all employees while at the same time helping them to manage their costs by offering a reduced out-patient limit, an excess and keeping the hospital access option for the core Bupa Select product.

Example 2 - Large retail company

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The business is a retail company who offers corporate health cover to 275 of their workforce of 500. As a new client for Bupa they are switching from an alternative provider as well as reviewing their current policy. They are looking for healthcare cover that gives them the options to control costs and provide both reassurance and value to their employees.

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  1. Annual Benefit Maximum of £25,000 per person

    Capping the benefit limit allows the company to control costs and minimise their exposure to high claims while still offering a good level of cover.
  1. Tailored out-patient options- Full refund for diagnostics (within overall benefit maximum)

    This means that employee ailments can be diagnosed promptly and the total cost of diagnosis is covered.
  1. Cash package and family cash package

    £100 per 2 year period for optical charges / £900 for accidental dental injury /£20 for prescription charges. Family cash benefit £200

    Employees can claim for eye care and glasses, prescription and dental charges and Family cash package also provides maternity benefits meaning even healthy employees can benefit from the scheme.
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Bupa Select allows the client to manage their costs by offering an annual maximum benefit of £25,000 benefit per person per year based on their previous claims experience. The capping of this benefit allows the group to further reward their staff with cash package options which can be used to assist with everyday healthcare expenses.

Example 3 - Large utilities company

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The business is a utilities company who offers corporate health cover to all 460 employees and one that is looking to cut costs quite severely. As an existing policy holder, they are currently restructuring the shape of the business and are therefore compelled to offer PMI (in staff contracts). So they are looking for healthcare that will be quick and easy to administrate, with controlled costs to take away the hassle.

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  1. Cancer - Exclude cover for cancer

    Minimise the company’s risk of exposure to potentially high cancer claims
  1. Cash benefit - Increase cash benefit to £150 per night

    Employees can choose to use NHS hospitals for their treatment, and receive £150 per night.
    Everyone benefits - employees have the option to choose the NHS and receive a cash payment, plus the company is likely to benefit from lower claims costs.
  1. Excess - Introduce excess for dependents

    Still offers employees full benefits but reduces claims and increases control over costs.
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Bupa Select allows the client to manage their costs by removing cover for cancer treatment which is high cost treatment. They have increased cash benefit so that if they choose to have eligible NHS treatment employees can claim £150 per night up to 35 nights; this allows the group to contain costs as employees may choose to have NHS treatment to benefit from the cash payment.

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