Foundations Diagnosis Health Insurance

Whether you’re looking to retain staff or help recruit new talent, our range of healthcare schemes and services could be the right choice for your business. Foundations Diagnosis Health Insurance is our diagnosis-only cover, if you’re looking for a low-cost option for your business.
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Foundations Diagnosis Health Insurance works in conjunction with the NHS to help keep costs down, offering:

  • cover for diagnosis – treatment is provided by the NHS
  • cover for diagnostic consultations, X-rays and tests
  • access to Bupa-approved facilities and consultants

Download the guide with full details of benefits covered, plus standard exclusions
Foundations membership guide (PDF, 333KB)
Foundations Diagnosis at a glance
Cover for diagnosis only, treatment by NHS
Out-patient cover £750 a year (related to diagnosis only)
Complementary therapies Not covered
Consultant fees and facility charges as a day-patient or in-patient. Paid in full(up to diagnosis only)
Cancer cover Not covered
Facility Access Open referral†
General exclusions2 + mental health conditions

†Open Referral – Your cover depends on you following the Open Referral pre-authorisation process. This means that when your GP refers you for a consultation or treatment you must ask your GP for an Open Referral letter that details the care you need but is not addressed to a named consultant, healthcare practitioner or treatment facility. You must then call us to pre-authorise your consultation or treatment. We will provide you with a choice of consultants, therapists or recognised facilities (as applicable) that are covered under your benefits.

1 When you use a Bupa recognised consultant and a recognised facility from the choice we provide to you at pre-authorisation.

2 Please refer to membership guide for full list of general exclusions.

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