Our new, improved Health Assessments

22 January 2016

Health Assessments have changed. We still offer an overview of a person’s health, but now we give a lot more, with updated clinical tests and a greater emphasis on helping people make positive lifestyle changes.

Main changes

  • The latest clinical thinking and technology: rapid blood test results in all our centres. Plus there’s now no need to fast before an assessment, making it more flexible and comfortable for your employees.
  • Personal support at every step of the journey: ‘post-assessment follow up’ coaching from our Bupa health advisers.

Our data shows:

  • Up to 60% of employees reported their BMI and body fat measurements as higher than the clinical recommendation
  • Over 48% of employees reported their cholesterol range as higher than the clinical recommendation
  • Over 22% of employees reported to exceed the recommended guidelines of alcohol consumption

Find out more about our health assessments or call 0808 250 7662^

What's next?

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