Beating the post-holiday blues

30 October 2015

Give your workplace a post-summer holiday reboot with five tips to help your employees beat the blues.

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As the days grow darker, summer is fast becoming a distant memory. To prevent a drop in motivation levels as everyone resumes the daily grind, put employees back in a sunny mood with fresh ideas, well-chosen incentives and out-of-office fun.

1. Offer incentives

Employee benefit schemes can significantly improve staff retention rates and everyday satisfaction1. Popular incentives include pension schemes, healthcare cover – including private medical insurance, dental cover and physiotherapy – and gym membership discounts. Time is such a precious commodity that offering flexible working hours or the opportunity to work from home can also be as enticing as monetary incentives.

2. Give staff a new challenge

Psychologists and business analysts have long researched what it is that makes people like their jobs. While research is always evolving, it’s generally understood that immersion in a task can help an employee to get greater satisfaction and motivation from their job2.

3. Get people away from their desks

Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day isn't just bad for backs, it can also stifle creativity and productivity3. The standing meeting has become increasingly popular in the US, where research has shown it makes meetings 40 per cent shorter and 25 per cent more productive4. In her 2013 TED talk, business innovator Nilofer Merchant went one step further (literally) and suggested a walking meeting. She claims that the exercise helps people to think differently and encourages new ideas.

4. Training programmes

Offering training opportunities not only motivates employees, but can also equip them with new skills that will benefit the business. Employees often cite a lack of training programmes as a reason to leave a company5, so investing in people will help them understand that they are valued and, in turn, inspire them to invest in their role. Companies that do put money into training programmes are more likely to report higher productivity6.

5. Team building

The dynamic between colleagues is a vital building block when managing staff productivity and employee satisfaction. Organised team events can be inspiring and motivational if planned and targeted correctly7, as colleagues are able to interact informally and employers are able to convey key messages in an engaging way.

Banishing the post-holiday blues from staff is about reconnecting employees to their roles and helping them to re-engage with the workplace. Making work a stimulating, inspiring place and offering staff perks and away days can help employees look forward to coming back to work.

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