Wellbeing in your sector

01 February 2020

How is wellbeing in your sector?

There are many factors that can influence how happy and healthy you feel at work, but an important one seems to be the sector that you work within. Research commissioned by Bupa for its Workplace Wellbeing Census showed some notable differences between particular wellbeing markers in different types of industry – from retail to IT, finance, construction and more.

Wellbeing differences between sectors

An area where some differences showed up was workload. Close to half of employees working in legal (46%) or media and marketing (40%) said that their workload had a negative impact on their wellbeing. That was less the case for those working in hospitality and leisure (30%).

One of the biggest divides was found in access to health and wellbeing services at work. That means things like health insurance, mental health support, access to confidential phone lines, gyms and financial support. While most employees in finance and accounting jobs (76%) had this support in some form, most people working in hospitality and leisure services (26%) did not.

There were also signs of positive aspects of working in particular industries. Whether you work in education, media or legal, the Census results suggested that colleagues can have a beneficial impact on wellbeing. However, that wasn’t the case in construction, where only 39% of respondents agreed. For another marker of wellbeing though – feeling that the work you do is recognised – construction came out better than any other sector, with just 21% feeling lack of recognition had a negative impact on wellbeing.

How we can improve employee wellbeing across sectors

It’s clear from these figures that there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to improving employee wellbeing across sectors. Different industries have measures that they can be proud of, and others that they could work on to benefit the health of their workforce.

Nonetheless, there are four key findings from the census that Bupa feels apply across sectors:

  • 1. People need people. Colleagues are important for our wellbeing. For industries where lone working is the norm, managers should take extra care to ensure employees feel supported with a network of colleagues they can turn to.
  • 2. The power of a positive environment. Whatever your sector, your workplace should feel comfortable and be inclusive. Improvements here could include access to flexible working, more support from managers, and more manageable workloads.
  • 3. Simple actions can drive results. Small things like taking time to talk to your team about how they feel can make a big difference.
  • 4. It’s easy to exclude people. The census findings show that bullying and discrimination happen across sectors, and when it does the impact on wellbeing can be huge. Nurturing diversity and paying attention to inclusion will make a difference.

You can read more about all of the findings above in our Workplace Wellbeing Census


Bupa Workplace Wellbeing Census, November 2019

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