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Everyday pressures

According to recent research, over 30% of small business owners take under five days leave annually.3 Even more worryingly, 21% take none at all. And even those who do go away are likely to answer work emails and calls, with 85% stating they do this.3

With so little space to relax, everyday pressures can easily build up, risking always being stressed or fuelling mental health problems that require treatment and time off. Figures from the Office for National Statistics make it clear that stress and mental health problems are among the top reasons for taking sick leave – an alarming 15.8 million working days are lost to these problems annually.4

Poor mental wellbeing can in turn make it easier for physical health
conditions to take hold, as exercise and self-care get neglected.

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Long-term thinking

When you have a small team, wellbeing concerns have a major impact – especially if they affect the boss. Being in charge of all the major decisions can make you doubly reluctant to take time off – even when you really need to.

In reality, the consequences of being ‘always on’ and connected when you are stressed, depressed or physically unwell can have long-term impacts on both your health and your company’s productivity.

Taking care of yourself and ensuring you’re socially, as well as professionally, fulfilled can lead to a happier, healthier, more productive workplace for all.


Self-care simplified

What does self-care mean to you? Is it for people who have more spare time than you?  Bupa cover offers a range of services designed to support your wellbeing and fend off stress, even when your business is at its most demanding.

6 Please note: Existing in-patient, out-patient and day case benefit limits and exclusions for pre-existing conditions still apply to our cover for mental health conditions.
7Calls may be recorded, and to maintain quality, a nursing manager may monitor some calls, always respecting the confidentiality of the call.

Encouraging self-care in the workplace can be more important than you think. Get your Bupa guide price now and learn how we can help you


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