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Mental health matters in retail

Mental health issues are a concern for any type of business. Worryingly, 58% of retail workers report suffering mental health problems caused by their work.1 As an owner of a small or medium retail business, this stat may be alarming. Not only because of the obvious impacts to your team as a result of absenteeism and lack of motivation, but also the welfare of your employees.

As an employer, do you feel that the problem can be too large to grasp? You’re not alone. As few as 3% of senior decision makers in retail report feeling that they have the support required to help staff with mental health issues, and only 21% feel their staff are comfortable discussing this subject with them.2

Tough challenges

The pressures of working in retail are plain to see. At 10 hours, the average working day for retail staff is two hours longer than the average day for staff in other sectors. Staff spend much of the day on their feet, and 35% often miss their lunch break.3 Despite the high level of physical strain, retail workers aren’t getting the exercise they need, being less likely to have been involved in a physical activity in the past seven days.3

With all this in mind, perhaps it makes sense that retail’s absence rate is one of the highest in the private sector, at 7.4 days per employee each year. When conditions are intense and stressful, mental and physical health can quickly decline.4

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Support for you and your team

Bupa cover includes a wide range of features that can provide helpful assistance in an industry with an ongoing wellbeing problem.

Taking care of your team’s mental health and wellbeing can play an important part in how confident they feel in the workplace and their ability to cope with everyday work pressures. We’re here to support you and your team at every step. Start by getting a Bupa guide price – it only takes minutes.

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5 Please note: Existing in-patient, out-patient and day case benefit limits and exclusions for pre-existing conditions still apply to our cover for mental health conditions.
6 Calls may be recorded, and to maintain quality, a nursing manager may monitor some calls, always respecting the confidentiality of the call.

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