Lead your own Wellbeing revolution

The workplace wellbeing revolution is happening. Is your business ready?

You may have heard about wellbeing. You may have already implemented it in your business to help support your team. If so, well done! You’re ahead of the curve. If not – why not? Businesses of all sizes have plenty to gain from implementing an effective wellbeing strategy. This doesn’t mean huge costly changes to your business. Small shifts in attitude can lead to big improvements for the wellbeing of your team and a healthy team can only strengthen the health of your business.

We know the idea of trying to implement a wellbeing strategy can feel like one more addition to the countless other demands on your time. So we’re here to support business leaders like you. It may be surprising to know that some of the most effective changes you can make are cultural and cost nothing at all.

The business case for wellbeing: did you know?

How do Bupa support their employees?

Technology can help the wellbeing of your team. That’s why Bupa created Bupa Boost, an app that can help support and motivate your team to be more proactive about their health. Not only is Bupa Boost free for all business customers, it’s available for your whole workforce too – even if they don’t have health insurance.

Benefits of Boost:

  • Your team can compete against each other, keeping them engaged in wellbeing together
  • They can set combined challenges like “Walk from London to New York” and reach their wellbeing goals as a unit
  • They can set individual goals such as 10,000 steps a day
  • They can use it to provide reminders and prompts to help keep them on the right track
  • The app includes access to discounts on Fitbit products

It takes just four easy steps to give your employees a Boost

  • 1. Go to bupaboost.com/signup
  • 2. Create a Boost Manager account
  • 3. Create a company PIN number
  • 4. Invite your colleagues to join Bupa Boost via the dashboard

Focusing on the mind, not just the body

Ryan’s story is inspiring but we should remember wellbeing isn’t just physical. Sometimes a business leader’s guidance for employees is focused solely on their physical health.

Although this type of focus is essential, as business leaders we cannot ignore the mental side of wellbeing. Take stress, for instance. In small doses, stress and pressure at work can be useful. People push themselves to succeed and become more productive. Yet if stress does not subside, or gets worse, employees can become mentally fatigued and even unwell.

What can we do to help you?

There are a variety of solutions to promoting a mental health focus in your business. At Bupa we are committed to supporting the wellbeing challenges that businesses are facing. For instance, you could incorporate mindfulness techniques into your business day to day activities.

Or you could visit our mental health hub for guidance on mental health in the workplace.

Want to find out more about our health insurance products that include Boost? How many employees do you have?


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