Make wellbeing work for your business

As an employer, you may feel that wellbeing can often be confusing and difficult to implement in your business. If you work in construction, we’re here to support you and your team.

Depression: construction’s hidden problem

The biggest health concern in the construction industry is also one of the least visible: depression. Although mental health may not be widely talked about in the industry, 42% of construction workers say they experienced mental health issues at their current place of work – more than double the national average.

The impact of depression is particularly concerning for construction businesses with compact teams, where poor employee wellbeing can already have a detrimental effect on productivity.

Worrying statistics

Depending on the severity of the illness, depression can be life threatening and increase the risk of suicide. According to data from the Office for National Statistics, construction workers are 60% more likely than the national average to die from suicide.

This is a disturbing reality to face, especially for small to medium construction business owners, whose businesses may feel more like a family. But getting to grips with the facts is the foundation for developing processes that address the problem.

"It is such a rewarding career in so many ways, but it is also true to say that the industry can be a high-pressure environment for some, with varying work patterns, tight deadlines, long hours and frequent travel."

Rebecca Thompson, FCIOB, president of the Chartered Institute of Building.

Take action

Not sure what to do next? We can help with guidance and advice. Challenging the problem of depression and suicide in the construction industry begins with taking small steps towards increased employee wellbeing.
Here are some places you can start.

Bupa cares

You don’t have to deal with the worrying issue of employee wellbeing alone. Bupa’s extensive team of medical professionals are here to help, with services that approach wellbeing from every angle.

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Please note: Existing in-patient, out-patient and day case benefit limits and exclusions for pre-existing conditions still apply to our cover for mental health conditions.

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