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Paying for a
care home

Get advice on the different ways to pay for your care

Planning for care costs is something you may have little experience of, which is why it can be helpful to learn what funding options are available to you.

When you make your decision, you can rest assured that Bupa care homes cover everything from 24 hour nursing care, utility bills, daily activities and home cooked meals for all of our residents. There are also a number of additional treatments available which will be charged for separately, including physiotherapy, speech therapy and aromatherapy, ensuring we cater for a wide range of needs.

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Expert advice on paying for care

We interviewed Nicky Cave from our partner Eldercare, an expert in providing advice about paying for care, to explain the choices available to you and recommend any other options you may have. Watch the video below.

Can I get any help towards the cost of my care?

Answer the questions below to discover what help may be available to you.

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England, Scotland and Wales have slightly different thresholds for savings.

Where do you live?


The first step to care funding is getting a means test

A means test is an assessment by your local authority to discuss your personal circumstances and work out what contributions they can make, if any, to assist you with your care needs.

During the assessment, we recommend that you are completely honest about your personal situation, so that your local authority can make a fair assessment and offer you the best help based on your circumstances.

Once the assessment has been made, your local authority will recommend what kind of care you will require and what contributions they can make to assist you. This differs from person to person, depending on the situation.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we are asked around the costs of care

What if I don’t think I am entitled to local authority funding?

You may still want to get a care needs assessment from your local authority to help you choose the right kind of care home.  Alternatively you can speak to your local Bupa care home to get an assessment of your needs.

If I’m paying for care myself how do I prevent my money running out?

You can take specialist advice on the options available to you from companies such as Eldercare. 

What are the costs of a care home?

The cost of care varies greatly depending on the type of care you need. If you require round-the-clock care there will be higher fees. Once your personal circumstances have been assessed we will be able to tell you the cost of your care.

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What's next?

Talk to an expert

Are you still unsure about your personal circumstances? You can speak to one of our helpline experts who will discuss your options with you.

Arrange an assessment

Your local authority can arrange an assessment if they are likely to be paying or you can contact your local care home to arrange an assessment and find out how much care will cost you.