Committed to patient care

Whether you’re a doctor, a dentist or specialise in occupational health, there could be an opportunity waiting for you with Bupa. We want to recruit and develop outstanding people who are committed to providing the best in patient care.

At Bupa we want our patients to live longer, healthier, happier lives. Help us achieve this goal.

Health and dental clinician roles

With over 50 clinics in the UK, we have a wide range of career opportunities for clinicians looking for a new challenge. Our health services include health assessments, general practice, musculoskeletal, mental and occupational health, dermatology and cardiology services. Dental services range from general dental to cosmetic and specialist, including complex implant and reconstructive treatments.

We attract leading clinicians recognised for their specialised skills, professionalism and great customer service. The diversity of our clinics means we are often looking for:

  • GPs and doctors
  • dentists and dental nurses
  • primary care physicians
  • physiotherapists
  • health advisers
  • occupational health specialists

We’re focused on creating the right environment for our clinicians so that they can focus on our customers.

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If you’re a self employed clinician, please apply for clinical self employed opportunities

Cromwell Hospital roles

Located in the heart of Kensington, Cromwell Hospital is an international hospital committed to providing the highest quality healthcare for our patients.

We attract leading consultants and doctors recognised for excellence in their specialised fields. Some have been here for many years; others have come more recently, attracted by the opportunity to work with some of the best clinicians in complex care, especially in our specialist areas of cancer, cardiac, paediatrics and surgery.

Since opening in 1981 the hospital has established a reputation for innovation – join us and you can be part of the team realising this very exciting ambition.

The diversity of our work means we are often looking for people with specialist skills in a range of areas including pharmacists, dieticians, radiographers, therapists, cardiac technicians and physicists.

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