About managing your account

Use this page for hints and tips for making the best use of the Bupa job search

When you first apply for a job at Bupa you will be asked to create an account and profile using details which include your name, address, email and telephone contact details. Once you have registered, a new box will appear in the top right of your home page called My career tools. Whenever you return to our site, you can access your profile via the Login links on the main Careers landing page.

If you have not done so in advance, you will be asked to complete your profile if you apply for a job or create a job alert.

To create your profile:

1. register as a new user, or login as an existing user

2. click on My profile link in the My career tools box at the top right of the screen

3. complete all the sections: your preferred method of contact (we recommend email), name, address, email addresses and phone details. You must complete your email and phone details to proceed

4. press the Save button to exit

You can update your profile at any time using Edit profile in My career tools. You will also be given the opportunity to update your profile each time you make a job application.

There are a number of ways to search the available vacancies.

Job search

To run a quick search, use the job search link on the main careers homepage. Add a keyword or use the Posted field to return a cut down selection of vacancies that meet your criteria.

Advanced job search

To run a more detailed search, use the Advanced search link within the job search box. To find further instructions on making the best use of the search facility use the Search tips link in the Basic job search box. Different types of searches can be undertaken using one or more of the criteria below.


The keyword search will search the job title and job details associated with a vacancy eg, by entering the word 'manager', all vacancies that contain this word in the job title or the job details will be displayed in the results.


Individual or multiple locations can be selected. The locations are split by geographic region or by the specific towns or cities (either within the UK or internationally) and these are displayed in the search results.

Job families

Individual or multiple job families can be selected. A job family is the broad category into which a vacancy fits, eg, a telecentre role in the customer service centre would be under the 'Customer services' job family.

Full or part time

This enables you to select whether you are specifically looking for a full or part time vacancy.

Permanent or temporary

A temporary role will usually have a published end date. Select this if you are only looking for roles of this nature. All other roles are classified as permanent and they have no end date.

Job ID

If you already know the job ID, you can use this field to search for that specific job. Once you have entered your search criteria use the Search button to run the search.

Once you have found a job that interests you, you can view full details of the role by clicking on the job title. To apply for the role, click the Apply now button at the bottom of the job description. You will be required to complete a multiple choice questionnaire and an application template that may consist of one or more sections. (If you have not done so already you may first be prompted to create a profile).

On completion of all sections use the Submit button to proceed. You will need to agree to our terms and conditions to make a complete application. If for any reason you are not ready to fully complete your application, or you do not accept our terms and conditions, the job will remain in your applications with a status of not-applied.

At any point during your application you may save what has been completed so far. To return to a saved application, or to complete an application with a status of not-applied, select log in on the main careers page and log in to you previously saved details. You can refresh the list of applications by using the drop down display list.

Please note that our careers site may not work correctly with certain internet browsers. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari are all supported browsers. If you are using any other browser and you experience any difficulties when using the careers site, please use a different browser.

When you save a search you can also choose to set up a Job alert to receive an email notification if any job vacancies are posted that meet your search criteria.

You can save the search criteria you add by using the Save search button on the advanced search page or on the search results page.

Once you have saved a search it will remain in your account until you decide to delete it. When you want to retrieve your saved searches you can access and run them by clicking the My saved searches link from your account homepage. In the advanced search view, you can also select and run saved searches by selecting from the My saved searches drop-down list at the top right of the page.

You can save a vacancy and make your application at a later date by using the Save jobs button. If you save a job, no formal application will be made and it can be deleted at any time.

If you cannot find a vacancy that matches your requirements you can log your CV, contact details and areas of interest with Bupa by using the Register your interest in a career at Bupa link. The information you provide will be available to Bupa's recruiters who may contact you should any of your information be relevant to the vacancy they are filling.

You may be asked to provide extra information about yourself or your achievements as part of the recruitment process. The recruitment team may ask you to save any relevant information to your account. You can add document attachments by using the My career tools link.

Follow the instructions to select an attachment type and purpose and click the Save and return button.

If you are successful in your application to Bupa, you may receive an email notification from the recruitment team with a link that will allow you to enter the details of your referees. This page will only be accessible by using the link within the email.

The link will take you to the Careers login page. Login and select Add your references in the notifications box. Select Add reference and complete the required fields. Select the Save and add more to continue adding referees and select the Save and return button to continue. On the summary page you will see all the referee details you have added. Click Save to finish and the following message will be displayed: 'You have successfully saved your references'.

  • Here are a few simple tips that you can follow to help you to create a secure password and help us to keep your online information secure.
  • Never share your password
    Your account is assigned to you. You will be held responsible for the activities of the account.
  • Never write down a password
    Passwords that are written down can be easily stolen.
  • Change your password with some frequency
    The longer that you have used your password, the more likely it will be discovered. Just how frequently you should change your password depends on how frequently you use it and what you are protecting with it. For example, you may wish to change a password used to give access to financial information more frequently than one to give access to read the news on a web page.
  • Never store your password in a program
    Many email clients, web browsers, and web services will offer to store your password for you so that you don't need to type it in each time you want to use it. It is generally easy for people to recover your password from inside one of these programs if they have access to your computer (and sometimes even if they don't).