Public Health England, the EU and the US Food and Drug Administration have now given approval on the accuracy of at least two antibody tests to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, which can indicate that an individual has previously been infected with the virus and their body has mounted an immune response.

The World Health Organisation and the UK’s Chief Scientific Officer have however indicated that there is still no evidence that the presence of antibodies to the virus can give certainty to an individual that they will have immunity, how long this immunity will last, or if they will be able to catch it again in the future.

Whilst Bupa is therefore not currently endorsing the use of antibody tests as part of an organisation’s return to office strategy, we do appreciate that individuals may want to take an antibody test to understand whether they’ve had COVID-19 for their own personal health interest. We therefore want to make sure we are giving individuals access to approved tests they can trust.

For this reason, Bupa Health Clinics (UK) will offer the antibody test in clinics to customers. This will allow an individual to establish whether they have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the past. However, we must underline that under current health guidance the test will not provide any information on the individual’s immunity. The result should not be used to make any clinical or return to office decisions but will simply let the individual know whether they have previously been infected with the virus. Given the latest MHRA investigation into the validity of home testing for antibody status, Bupa does not currently advocate the use of this.

Bupa Health Clinics will also be offering an antigen (nasal and throat swab) testing service which detects active infection with SARS-CoV-2. This will be offered to business customers first and can be used as part of a screening regime for businesses, including temperature checks and return to work assessments, to allow the safe return of their employees to the workplace.

Our existing private health insurance policies don’t cover these tests to screen for, or diagnose a suspected case of, COVID-19. However, we will fund an antigen (nasal and throat swab) test where it is needed as part of pre-operative/pre-treatment assessment for treatment covered by the patient’s policy.

We understand the information on testing is changing rapidly and we continue to monitor developments and update the latest advice we provide to our customers, as well as our own return to work strategy.

  • Aberdeen centre will be closed until Monday 26th October
  • Due to local restrictions, Cardiff centre is currently open but will only see customers from within the county boundary.

All other health centres are open.

Following the Government’s update our dental practices in England are now open. All of the latest information will be available here:

We’ve conducted a detailed risk assessment on all aspects of our clinics offering, including the properties, tasks performed, needs of our employees and customers, and coronavirus (COVID-19). This has involved clinical teams, property teams, quality and health and safety. The resulting control measures mean that we’re able to protect our employees and customers and provide the best services possible:

  • coronavirus symptom screening and temperature check
  • face mask provided for all customers
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be worn by all staff within 2m distance of customers
  • protective screens at reception
  • where possible staff will stay over 2m away from customers
  • individual treatment ‘pods’, cleaned before and after use (at use in some centres where appropriate)
  • limited footfall each day, with no walk-ins and staggered appointment start times
  • keep left signs and one-way system throughout our clinics
  • revised cleaning schedules throughout the centre
  • clear signage and guidance on social distancing
  • customer escorted by a staff member throughout their visit

We’ve made some temporary changes to our services.

Consulting by webchat and video – for some appointments including private GP and Physiotherapy, we are using technology for some of our services will help us to reduce face-to-face contact.

Please note the following terms and conditions (PDF, 0.9MB) will apply.

Ear, nose and throat examinations (ENT), lung function tests and hearing tests – we currently consider ENT examinations and lung functions tests too high risk for us to undertake. There are also cleaning limitations with the hearing test booths so we will not be offering these within any of our health assessment range at this time.

Contact your account manager or call us to find out more 0330 127 5265

^We may record or monitor our calls.

Yes we are now offering an antibody testing service. With an antibody test, you can find out if you’ve previously had coronavirus (COVID-19). You can find out more about our service here.

Please note we currently do not offer antigen testing, which tests whether you currently have coronavirus.

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