Smiles Better

Martin Kenyon

GDC - 53102 BDS Wales 1979 Dental Surgeon

Martin has been a committed general dentist for 40 years.

Martin was originally from Lancashire but grew up and was educated in South Wales. He qualified from the Welsh National School of Medicine in July 1979, where he won the Cecil Berg Prize in Restorative Dentistry.

Martin began his career in Basingstoke before moving back to Wales, where he became an associate partner in Aberdare, before becoming a full partner in 1987. He joined Smiles Better in 1993 and became a full partner in 2000.

In 1997, Martin did a secondment, one day per week, as a clinical assistant in the oral surgery general anaesthetic department of the Welsh National School of Medicine. He now devotes all his time to general practice, where he maintains an interest in all aspects of general dentistry.

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