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Digital implant dentistry at Bupa

Where can I have this treatment?

Interior shot of the canary wharf dental centre reception

Crossrail Place

London Canary Wharf (Crossrail Place) Dental Centre
Crossrail Station and Retail Mall
Level Zero
1 Crossrail Place
E14 5AR

0208 108 7339

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm
Saturday 7am to 4pm

Exterior shot of Canterbury dental centre


Canterbury Dental Centre
11 Upper Bridge Street

0122 780 7551

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 9am to 5.30pm
Friday 9am to 5pm

The technology we use

Straumann® - Roxolid® Lifetime+ Guarantee. Our quality. Your assurance.

How long does it take?

The whole process generally takes around three months over a series of appointments

More details on each stage of the process are detailed below

3D Scanning teeth and gums

We use a 3D Camera and a CT scanner to gather all the information we need for your digital implant. This means that we can carefully plan and design your new tooth to ensure the best outcome for you.

Appointment duration: 30 minutes

Computerised Planning

We combine all the scans of your teeth and begin to digitally plan your new one. This allows us to precisely find the optimum position for your implant and design a surgical guide for placing it. You don’t need to be here for this, and it usually takes a day.

Constructing the 3D surgical guide

The surgical guide is made using CAD/CAM technology and fits over your existing teeth for a high level of accuracy. The surgical guide will allow your implant surgeon to place your implant with precision.

Duration: 3 days to construct the 3D surgical guide

Placing the implant

The procedure has been carefully planned, and makes use of the computer generated guide. A flat healing-cap is placed on the newly placed implant at this point to help the gums heal, this is a routine procedure.

Appointment duration: 30-45 mins


Once the implant has been placed we must respect the body’s requirements to heal. The treating dentist will offer advice on the healing process. We use Straumann Implants with a coating called SLActive to help with the healing process.

Duration 6-8 weeks


These are recommended and accepted timescales for healing based on extensive research and any less time for healing significantly reduces success rates.

3D Impressions with camera

Once the healing is complete and the gums have taken the shape of the healing cap, scanning takes place for the new tooth. This means that the dentist can make sure the new tooth is created to accurately fit.

Fit of your new tooth two weeks later

Once your new tooth has been accurately created, it is ready to replace the healing cap. We may take some photographs at this stage too as we like to keep an eye on how the implant’s looking. This is a very straightforward process and requires no anaesthetics.

Appointment duration: 30 minutes

A precisely made post that sits in your jaw-bone and supports a new tooth
Because it takes time for your gums to heal.
About 3 months
They have no nerves but most patients once they get used to them don’t notice much difference.
Provided that your implants are well looked after and the bone that they are fitted to is strong then we would expect the Implant to last for many years. However, we cannot give a lifetime guarantee just as we can’t with other surgical implants.
No you'll have a very effective dental local anaesthetic
Between 30-45 minutes
Your body’s bone cells need time to accept the new implant as it’s own so we can’t rush that, but we do use Straumann SLActive Implants for everyone, which are designed for diabetic patients and acknowledged as being the most rapidly accepted by the bone.
If the implant has any force placed on it in the early stages then the bone will reject it and this can be disastrous so we don’t take the chance. Even if you have a denture or temporary bridge we make sure this is not putting any pressure on the new implant.
Much like a normal tooth – your dentist will also go through the correct cleaning procedure for the implant with you.
The Digital implant treatment is available at our Bupa Dental Centres in London Canary Wharf (Crossrail Place) and Canterbury.

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