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Knee health and support

Caring for your knees

Following treatment for a knee injury, recovery can take time, particularly if you’ve had surgery. There are also some precautions you can take to try to reduce the risk of damaging your knee ligaments in future.

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We have a wealth of information on how to keep your knees healthy, including tips about stretching and videos of specific exercises to help prevent knee injuries. You may also find it helpful to join PatientsLikeMe, a free website where people who have the same knee issues as you are sharing their experiences and learning more about their condition. A great source of information and support.

Prevention really is the best medicine and you could save yourself unnecessary pain and suffering by following our common-sense knee-care tips. If you live an active lifestyle, particularly if you're into sports, you can help yourself maintain good knee health for life by learning to love your knees.

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