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Our knee support team are here to help you understand what treatment is available to you as a Bupa member.

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Knee support team

If you’ve got a knee condition, it’s important to us that you know you’re not on your own so we provide you with a dedicated, trained Knee Support Team who you can help you get the treatment you need.

Understanding your condition and getting the right treatment can be confusing but our Knee Support Team are especially trained and dedicated to patients with knee conditions so can help you understand the treatment process and tell you about options available to you as a Bupa member.

Consultation with Bupa doctor

You may not need to see your GP

If you have a knee problem, you don’t need to see your GP for a referral, simply call our Knee Support team and we will arrange a telephone call with an expert physiotherapist to discuss your symptoms.

The physiotherapist will talk through your symptoms with you to understand exactly what’s going on and decide the best course of treatment. They can give you exercises and advice which will help you to recover and if you require face-to-face treatment, they will give you names of healthcare professionals, such as a physiotherapist or consultant, near you.

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Cash payment for NHS treatment

We have developed the Bupa NHS knee replacement cash payment to give you a greater choice in the care you receive. Instead of using your Bupa membership for your knee joint replacement surgery, you can choose to have the treatment you need within the NHS and receive a cash payment from Bupa.

This choice might suit you due the location of an NHS hospital to your home, or you may find that it gives you increased flexibility when planning your recovery. For example, some of our members have chosen to use the cash benefit to pay for additional assistance with domestic care or shopping to allow them to remain independent in their home after surgery.

It works by taking the place of private treatment funding. If you are admitted to hospital under the NHS as an in-patient for a knee joint replacement, we will pay you a cash payment based on how long you are in hospital.

If you’d like more information on our NHS knee replacement cash benefit and how to take up this offer, please call the Knee Support team on 0845 6000 541*.

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