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How much do you drink?

Are you thinking of cutting down on how much alcohol you drink? Doing so could have lots of benefits, from feeling better and more clear-headed in the short term, to reducing your risk of serious health conditions in the long run.

Although it’s nice to enjoy a tipple or two, too much alcohol is bad for your health. A good starting point to working out whether you need to cut down, and how much by, is to think about how much you drink on average. Try using this DrinkAware alcohol unit calculator to find out where you’re at.

Set yourself goals

So you want to cut back on the amount of alcohol you drink, but to do this you need to break your goal down. Make it manageable. Rather than going ‘cold turkey’, set yourself a more realistic target. You could, for example, try not to drink alcohol, at home, during the week.

Keep going

Once you’ve set your goal, commit to it (publically if you think it will help) and start to form a habit of avoiding alcohol. This could, for example, mean making yourself a cup of tea when you would have reached for a beer before. Keep thinking about what motivates you, whether it’s being healthy, losing weight, saving money or avoiding hangovers.

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Stick with your quest to cut down, even if you accidentally slip up occasionally. Try distracting yourself to avoid temptation, for example by doing exercise, and reward yourself with other things you enjoy. If you get urges try to ‘urge surf’ and just acknowledge how you’re feeling. Finally, have a contingency plan – mocktails are a great alternative to have ready if you think you might be tempted by a mid-week tipple.

Remembering the risks

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