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Boosting your wellbeing this Christmas

Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions and regulations may mean things feel very different this year. This month, we look at five ways to boost your mood and create those warm, festive feelings while keeping safe.

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It’s not just Christmas time that we need a little lift. 2020 has been tough on us all. Browse more features that focus on your health and wellbeing and lifting your mood.

Coping with change

There has never been a year where we’ve experienced so much change. This can feel unsettling, but change is inevitable. Find out how to get more comfortable with it and learn ways to cope with change better – the good and the bad.

Get moving!

Head outdoors for a walk

Being outdoors in nature is proven to boost your wellbeing and mood. Head out for a brisk walk, pop on your headphones and let our mindful walking podcast guide you step-by-step.

Eating better

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