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Coping with cancer

The effects of cancer

Dealing with cancer can be difficult for everyone one involved. You’ll need to prepare for difficult conversations and be ready to manage the side-effects of cancer and its treatments. You’ll also need to consider the effects cancer will have on your personal and working life and how best to cope with these.

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Learning about a cancer diagnosis may help to give you a sense of control over the situation. We have lots of information about different cancer types, including information on symptoms, causes and treatment options.

Cancer terminology

Understanding your diagnosis and treatment options can be difficult at the best of times. So we’ve pulled together a list of common cancer words and explanations to help you cut through the medical jargon.

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Eating well and staying healthy

Coping with cancer

Cancer affects both your personal and professional working life. You may need to think about taking time off work and making changes to your daily routines.

Adjusting after cancer

The impact of having cancer doesn’t necessarily finish when your treatment ends. You may feel a range of emotions and getting back to normal may take some time.

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