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Nature and your wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place 10 to 16 May, with the theme this year: nature and the environment. This month, we look at the incredible role nature plays in our lives, specifically, the impact it has on our mood and mental wellbeing.

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Make changes to support the planet and your health

To celebrate Earth Day last month, Lauren Gordon, Behavioural Insights Adviser at Bupa UK, looks at what we can do to improve our own health and the planet’s.

Rediscover nature

Explore ways to enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors, and learn how mindfulness can help you connect with the environment around you.

Nutrition focus: vitamin D

Another benefit of spending time outside is getting enough exposure to sunlight. Bupa’s Dr Luke Powles gives the low down on the ‘sunshine vitamin’ – Vitamin D. Are you getting enough?

Podcast: mindful walking

Mindful movement practices can be used at any point during your day to help bring your attention to the present moment. Next time you head outdoors for a walk, pop on your headphones and let this mindful walking podcast guide you step-by-step.

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