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Small changes make a big difference

The way we live our lives and the behaviours we adopt not only affect our health and wellbeing but have a wider impact on the world too. This month, we focus on sustainable changes that can help you feel more positive about your impact on the environment.

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Rediscover nature – for you and the planet

Being outside and spending time in nature is crucial for our wellbeing. And interacting and nurturing nature, such as growing vegetables and planting flowers, are small ways to support the planet.

Fatmata Kamara, Specialist Nurse Adviser at Bupa UK, explores the benefits of being in green spaces and how to connect with nature more.

Podcast: Plant-based diets and sustainable eating

In this podcast, Bupa Dietitians Lizzie Brown and Rebecca McBride explain what a plant-based diet is, how to get all the nutrients you need if you’re eating more plants, and answer some of your questions about sustainable and environmental eating.

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The health benefits of walking

Walking is better for the environment than driving or taking public transport. But it also holds many health benefits for you.

Karen O’Hara, Senior Physiotherapist at Bupa, explains what they are and shares her top tips to get started.

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