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Time to exercise

Sometimes the hardest part of exercising can be making the time to do it. With busy lives and packed schedules, it can feel difficult to set aside the time. This month, we have all the answers and top tips to help get you moving at the time of day that suits you best!

You can download September’s Your Wellbeing issue.

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Browse below for more information on how to get moving and stay active!

Morning stretches

It’s common to wake up feeling stiff and tired. Kick start your day with 10 simple stretches to get your body moving!

Home workouts

With more of us now working from home, we have a few easy workouts you can do in the comfort of your own garden or living room.


Are you already a regular runner looking to improve your time? Or a complete beginner keen to get started? Our running hub has a variety of advice and plans covering different distances, whatever your fitness level or experience.

How to start running: eight tips for beginners

Not sure where to begin? Declan Leonard, Physiotherapist at Bupa UK, gives his top tip to get started if running is new to you.

Test your knowledge

Do you know how much exercise you should be doing each week? Or what type of exercise is classed as anaerobic? Take our Physical Activity quiz and test your knowledge!

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