Inguinal hernia repair

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Inguinal hernias are the most common type of hernia. A bulge appears around the groin or scrotum area because fatty tissue or part of your bowel has pushed through the inguinal canal.

This type of hernia can be resolved with surgery.

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Different types of inguinal hernias

There are two different types of inguinal hernia. They’re differentiated by how they develop.

  • Direct inguinal hernia: this is where the hernia pushes through the inguinal wall. The hernia usually enters through a weakness in the abdominal wall.
  • Indirect inguinal hernia: this type of inguinal hernia occurs when the hernia pushes through the deep inguinal ring into the inguinal canal.

Inguinal hernia repair

Surgery to repair an inguinal hernia is sometimes needed to put the bulge back into the correct place. The procedure will normally be carried out as open or keyhole surgery, which is also often called laparoscopic surgery.

During the procedure, the tissue will be pushed back into place and the abdominal wall muscles will be strengthened to stop the inguinal hernia from coming back.

Both types of surgery can be used to repair inguinal hernias. The only difference is the way the procedure is carried out.

  • During open surgery the surgeon will make one cut to repair the hernia
  • If you have laparoscopic surgery the surgeon will make several smaller incisions and use special instruments to carry out the surgery. This method is less invasive and leaves smaller scars.

Your doctor will be able to recommend the best type of surgery for you.

Recovering from inguinal hernia surgery

In most cases you’ll be able to leave hospital within 48 hours after surgery. You might feel some pain afterwards, but you should be able to manage this with painkillers.

You might have to refrain from carrying out strenuous activities until you have recovered. Your doctor will be able to tell you how long you should wait before going back to work and doing any heavy lifting.

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