Cataract surgery

Get quick, convenient access to cataract surgery through Bupa on Demand, our pay as you go private healthcare service. From consultations to treatments with no need for health insurance.

Although people often get cataracts as they get older,a number of factors can lead to them developing at any stage of life. No matter how old you are, cataract surgery can help you to see more clearly again.

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Cataract surgery with Bupa on Demand

We know that organising your surgery can be a confusing and worrying time. That’s why we give each of our patients a dedicated healthcare adviser that is an expert in private healthcare. They will guide you through your cataract treatment, next steps and make things as easy as possible. First they’ll arrange an initial appointment with a consultant. At this appointment the consultant will assess the feasibility of surgery and talk through the procedure.

Following confirmation from the consultant on the best course of treatment, your healthcare adviser will let you know the cost of the cataract operation and will quickly arrange a suitable time for your surgery. A guide is given below:

Treatment/ Service Price What's included
Initial appointment with consultant   £200
  • 30 min consultation time
  • Eye test
  • Blood test
 Cataracts operation cost  £2,837 - £4,640
  • 30 days complications cover (T&C’s apply)
  • Follow-up appointment
  • Bupa Anytime Healthline Access
 One eye operation  £2,837
  • 30 days complications cover (T&C’s apply)
  • Follow-up appointment
  • Bupa Anytime Healthline Access
 Two eye operation  £4,290
  • 30 days complications cover (T&C’s apply)
  • Follow-up appointment
  • Bupa Anytime Healthline Access


Please note, appointment costs may vary depending if the consultant is bookable online.
Please note, on occasion some consultants set their appointments to 15 min, our healthcare advisers will advise you if this is the case.
††Price dependent on number of eyes being treated.

To help put your mind at rest, all our cataract surgery patients receive an aftercare service and complications cover included up to 30 days (subject to terms and conditions of the package you choose). This includes a follow-up appointment with a consultant. You also receive access to Bupa’s AnytimeHealthline which offers around the clock, unlimited telephone consultations with our team of GPs and nurses and the Bupa treatment options service.

About cataract surgery

Cataract surgery is an operation to remove the cloudy lens inside your eye (the cataract) and replace it with an artificial, clear lens.

During cataract surgery, your surgeon will make tiny cuts on the surface of your eye so they can remove the cloudy lens and replace it with a new one.

Most surgeons do an operation called phacoemulsification to remove the cataract. In this operation, they use a special instrument that uses sound waves (ultrasound) to break up the cataract. They remove the broken pieces leaving the capsule that your lens sits in. Then they put the new lens in to the empty capsule. You’ll be awake during the operation, but your surgeon will give you a local anaesthetic so you won’t be able to feel any pain. The operation doesn’t take long and you should be able to go home the same day. You won’t need to have any stitches; the tiny cuts should heal on their own with time.

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