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A colonoscopy is a test to examine the inside of your large bowel using a colonoscope – a narrow, flexible tube with a light and telescopic camera on the end. It can be used to detect things like ulcers and polyps and can also help to diagnose certain health conditions. If you’re having problems with your bowel, your consultant may suggest having a colonoscopy to investigate what’s going on.

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Having a colonoscopy with Bupa on Demand

We know that organising a test like a colonoscopy can be a confusing and worrying time. That’s why we give each of our patients a dedicated healthcare adviser that is an expert in private healthcare. They will guide you through having the test, next steps and make things as easy as possible.. A price guide is given below:

Treatment/ Service Price What's included
Initial appointment with consultant   £250
  • 30 min consultation time
  • Blood test
Colonoscopy  £2000
  • 30 days complications cover (T&C’s apply)
  • Follow-up appointment
  • Bupa Anytime Healthline Access


Please note, appointment costs may vary depending if the consultant is bookable online.
Please note, on occasion some consultants set their appointments to 15 min, our healthcare advisers will advise you if this is the case.

To help put your mind at rest, all our colonoscopy patients receive an aftercare service and complications cover included up to 30 days (subject to terms and conditions of the package you choose). This includes a follow-up appointment with a consultant. You also receive access to Bupa’s Anytime Healthline which offers around the clock, unlimited telephone consultations with our team of GPs and nurses and the Bupa treatment options service.

About the colonoscopy procedure

During the procedure, your doctor will pass the colonoscope gently up though your anus (back passage), through your rectum and into your large bowel. As the colonoscope is guided through, the camera sends images to a monitor screen for your doctor to see. To get a better view, your doctor will pump air into your bowel through the colonoscope to help inflate it.

Your doctor will use a lubricant jelly to help insert the colonoscope. They may also offer you a sedative and painkiller to help you relax and make the procedure as comfortable as possible. You may be asked to move into a different position during the procedure. This can help your doctor to see all the different parts of your bowel. They may also press on your tummy at times to help guide the colonoscope.

If your doctor needs to, they may take a small sample of cells – known as a
biopsy – from your large bowel during the procedure. These cells will be sent to the laboratory for testing.

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