Anterior cruciate ligament surgery

Surgeons during operation

What happens during anterior cruciate ligament surgery?

Cruciate ligament surgery is done using either local or general anaesthesia.

After examining your knee, your surgeon will make a number of small cuts in the skin over your knee. This is so they can insert a number of surgical instruments into your knee, including an arthroscope. An arthroscope is a special telescope that allows your surgeon to see inside your knee.

Your surgeon will remove a piece of tendon from your patella tendon or from your hamstring tendons at the back of your knee to use as a graft. They will then drill through your upper shin bone and lower thigh bone to create a tunnel. The graft will be put into the tunnel and attached to these bones with screws.

Cruciate ligament surgery process and aftercare

Damaged ligaments can be hard to ignore and in most cases can interfere with your wellbeing. We’ve developed a range of ligament repair surgery options to improve your health.

Cruciate ligament surgery takes between one and a half to two hours. You’ll be ready to have surgery once the swelling, following your injury, has gone down. This usually takes between three to eight weeks from the moment of your injury.

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