CT and MRI scans

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Computerised Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans are useful in locating and diagnosing several medical conditions. Our scans can help identify problems early, before symptoms get worse.

MRI scans use a combination of magnets and radiowaves to capture detailed images from inside your body. They can take from 20 minutes to an hour and a half to complete. CT scans record clear 3D images to help medical professionals decide your best course of treatment. They usually take about 20 minutes.

Both scan types can help identify problems that normal X-rays or ultrasounds cannot pick up. This can be useful for finding the reason for your pain, stiffness or swelling, to help the doctor diagnose and plan the best treatment.

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MRI scanner

What will happen during the scan?

MRI scans

You won’t need to do any preparation for an MRI scan. During your scan you’ll be asked to lie very still on your back on a table inside a cylinder-shaped machine. Don’t worry though, the MRI machine is open ended so you won't be completely closed in at any time. Sometimes you may require a special dye to be injected so that more detailed images can be produced.

CT scans

Similar to an MRI scan, during a CT scan, you’ll be asked to lie very still on a scanner table. The table slides into and out of a CT scanner ring. The table will be positioned so that the part of your body that needs to be scanned is in the centre of the scanner. You may be asked to hold your breath or not to swallow at certain points
during your scan. A dye called contrast medium may be used to
make your tissues show up more clearly on the images produced
by the scan.

How CT and MRI scans can help meet your needs

Bupa offers a range of CT and MRI scan options that can be performed as a quick out-patient diagnostic test.

The MRI scanner uses an extremely strong magnet, so people with certain types of metal implants cannot be scanned.

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