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Having glue ear can result in your child suffering from recurrent ear infections and hearing problems, which can often leave you feeling helpless. Grommets are tiny plastic tubes that can be fitted to your child’s eardrum to help prevent painful ear problems as well as speech and language problems.

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Fitting grommets in your child’s ears can help treat glue ear

Glue ear is a condition in which there is a build-up of fluid in the middle ear, behind the eardrum, which can lead to ear infections and hearing problems. Having glue ear can make it difficult for your child to hear properly and, as a result, can cause delays in speech and language development. It's very common in children below the age of ten.

Grommets help combat glue ear by letting air pass into your child’s ear and stopping excess fluid collecting. Your child’s middle ear will then be able to work properly and they should be able to hear clearly again.

Having grommets fitted with Bupa

The procedure involves making a small cut into the eardrum, drawing out the fluid using a fine tube and fitting the grommet. If both ears require grommets, these can be fitted during the same operation.

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