Hernia repair

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A hernia occurs when part of the abdomen pushes through a weakness in the abdominal muscle wall causing a bulge or swelling. Hernia surgery can help to relieve pain and return the abdominal organs to their correct place.

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Risk factors in developing a hernia

Anything that increases the pressure in your abdomen can cause an abdominal hernia, including:
  • coughing or sneezing
  • straining on the toilet (for example, if you have constipation)
  • pregnancy (in later age or a difficult delivery)
  • lifting heavy objects (for example, weight training)
  • being overweight
Your risk of having an abdominal hernia increases as you age. This is because the older you get, the weaker your abdominal wall muscles become.

If you develop a hernia, you may need surgery to put the part of the abdomen that's out of place back where it belongs, and to repair and strengthen your abdominal wall.

Hernia repair surgery

Though hernias rarely have symptoms, they can sometimes be painful and you'll need surgery to put that part of the abdomen back to where it should be.

The surgery can be either keyhole or open surgery depending on your specific case. Keyhole surgery involves making a few small incisions and using a telescopic camera to direct the operation.

Recovery time is usually two to three weeks.

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