Benefits of tonsil removal

Access private tonsil removal through Bupa on Demand and pay as you go for consultations, diagnostics tests and treatments with no insurance needed.

Repeated tonsillitis can make you sick, tired, miserable and unable to focus on your work or home life. One 30 minute surgical procedure can help reduce the likelihood of it recurring again.

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Tonsillectomy process

Tonsil removal is a standard procedure and patients can generally return home on the same day as their treatment takes place.

Adults and children may have their tonsils removed if they have suffered tonsillitis several times in a 12 month period. Patients are put to sleep using general anaesthetic before treatment, and a surgeon removes the tonsils using one of the methods described above. Recovery time can last between one or two weeks.

To help put your mind at rest, all our tonsillectomy patients receive an aftercare package. This includes a follow-up appointment with a consultant, as well as readmission into hospital within 30 days of the initial procedure, should it be medically required.

In the unlikely event of any complications arising from your procedure, the cost of additional treatment required may also be covered subject to the terms and conditions of the package that you choose.

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