Vasectomy reversal

Access a private vasectomy reversal through Bupa on Demand and pay as you go for consultations, diagnostics tests and treatments with no insurance needed.

A successful vasectomy reversal can restore your fertility, meaning you may still be able to father a child. The method most commonly used in a vasectomy reversal is a vasovasostomy. The sooner after the original operation the vasectomy reversal is done; the more likely it is to be successful.

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Vasectomy reversal with Bupa

The likelihood of a successful operation will be discussed at your initial consultation.

A vasectomy reversal is usually performed under a general anaesthetic, meaning you'll be asleep during the procedure. A vasectomy reversal generally takes around three hours, meaning patients will usually go home from hospital on the same day as the procedure takes place.

To help put your mind at rest, all our vasectomy reversal patients receive an aftercare package. This includes pain relief if needed and support and advice for the days following your procedure.

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