Wisdom tooth extraction

Access wisdom tooth extraction through Bupa Dental Care and pay as you go for consultations, diagnostics tests and treatments. If you suffer from pain, swelling and infection due to problems with your wisdom teeth, a wisdom tooth extraction could improve your dental health. This procedure may reduce your chances of an adjacent tooth developing tooth decay or being affected by periodontal (gum) disease and prevent recurring episodes of pain.

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Wisdom tooth extraction with Bupa

The wisdom tooth extraction procedure is generally done under local anaesthetic to stop any feeling of pain during the treatment. In cases where an extraction is particularly difficult or for patients who may be very anxious, then intravenous sedation or referral for a general anaesthetic may also be offered. The procedure time and how it is performed can vary; depending on how deeply impacted your wisdom teeth are.

Most wisdom tooth extractions take just a few minutes to complete. In more complex cases, or if more than one tooth needs to be removed, it may take up to 20 minutes. At your consultation your surgeon will explain fully to you how the tooth will be removed and discuss your options for treatment.

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