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Referring a Bupa insured patient

Whether you’re a GP, therapist or dentist you can refer your patients to us for a wide range of healthcare services.

When to refer a patient

Your patients may ask to be referred to us because they:

  • have health insurance and wish to claim for their treatment (including mental health therapy)
  • want to pay for their own private treatment
  • want a second opinion on their diagnosis or treatment plan from a private healthcare professional
  • want a health assessment to help them make improvements to their health and lifestyle
Doctor talking to patient in examination room

Referral to a consultant

If your patient would like to be referred to a Bupa recognised consultant they can choose one using our Consultant and Facilities Finder.

Some of our customers have an ‘open referral’ health insurance policy, this means that they will be offered a choice of Bupa recognised consultants, rather than having a consultant named on the referral.

To refer a patient who has an open referral policy, please give them either:
Reading glasses

Referral process for optometrists

If you are an optometrist and would like to refer your Bupa patient for cataract surgery, simply ask them to call our Specialist Eye Care Team on: 0345 600 7267 ^. We will offer them a choice of Bupa recognised fee assured consultants qualified to perform the surgery.

If you have any questions, please email

Employee on phone looking at paperwork

Referral to a Bupa health centre

Our Health Centres are open to everyone, not just those with private health insurance.

Bupa Health Centres offer specialist treatment services including: physiotherapy and sports medicine, dental treatment, private GP services, cosmetic treatments, seasonal flu vaccinations, business or occupational health, coronary health, health assessments, fitness assessments.

Use our Consultant and Facilities Finder to search for a Bupa Centre by location, or by the specialist services offered at the centre.
Entrance to Bupa Cromwell Hospital

Referring to Bupa Cromwell Hospital

The Cromwell is a private hospital, owned and run by Bupa. Find out how to refer a patient or find out how to access Cromwell Direct for urgent admissions.

How to get in touch