Introducing treatment options

Pro-active healthcare that’s part of your health insurance benefits

  1. 1. Help with what to ask a doctor or consultant. We can help you get the most out of your appointments with your doctor or consultant by helping you to prepare; for example, offering guidance on the right questions to ask, what tests might be needed and helping you to understand their advice.

  2. 2. Understanding a diagnosis. This can be challenging for both new and existing conditions. We can also discuss questions that occur to you after the consultation and wider implications of the diagnosis.

  3. 3. Support with decisions about your health and understanding potential treatment options. We help you understand the implications of different types of treatment, especially with regards to your own personal circumstances.

  4. 4. Lifestyle coaching. We provide support to members facing lifestyle issues such as weight loss, quitting smoking and stress management.

Information, support and time to listen

The service is available over the phone and gives you direct access to qualified nurses with training in health coaching who can provide information and support on any healthcare issues you may have. It is not intended to replace any of the care you receive from your doctor and is available whether your treatment is with Bupa or the NHS.

Introducing Long-Term Condition Support

Intended for people who have been diagnosed, or who are living, with a long-term condition. This is a nurse-led service providing dedicated evidence-based health information and support.

Introducing Pre and Post Operative Support

It’s natural to have questions or concerns about having surgery. This service gives you an opportunity to speak confidentially with a nurse about what to expect before and after surgery.

What is Lifestyle Support?

Lifestyle Support is a telephone-based service designed to support people making positive lifestyle choices, such as wishing to stop smoking or reduce weight.

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