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Frequently asked questions

We're always happy to answer questions you may have about your health insurance. Here's a selection of questions and answers that we've already helped our customers with.

General questions about Bupa By You health insurance

Questions about out-patient limits

Questions about level of cancer treatment

Questions about medical history

  • No. However, we will need to ask some questions about:

    • their age, sex and medical history
    • whether they smoke
    • their current state of health
    • their occupation
  • Health insurance does not generally cover pre-existing conditions. If they’ve never had health insurance, we’ll need to base our decision on the cover we can offer your clients on their past seven years’ medical history. So, if they have symptoms which they know could cause problems in the future, they’ll need to tell us straightaway.

    For clients joining with Moratorium underwriting the applicant is not required to complete the medical history declaration as part of their application on the understanding that they’ll not be immediately covered for any medical conditions that existed in the five years prior to joining. New medical conditions arising after the start of the policy will be covered immediately subject to the policy terms and conditions.

Questions about health insurance subscriptions

  • The No Claims Discount scale below shows the levels available and discounts which apply to each level. As a new member your client will have entered at level 12 (65% discount highlighted below). If we have paid no claims for your client during the 12 months (10 months in their first year of cover) prior to their renewal subscription being calculated, their No Claims Discount will increase by one level on the scale. The maximum No Claims Discount available is level 14 (70% discount).

    The maximum number of levels your client can decrease at renewal is three.

    The No Claims Discount only applies to subscriptions for their core health insurance. Claims they may make in relation to any Add ons, NHS cash Benefit or Travel and Emergency Medical Cover do not count as claims in the assessment of the no claims discount. In addition, claims we pay that fall entirely within any excess will not be counted.

    No claims discount level

    Discount applied on premium





























    The No Claims Discount scale works as follows:

    Claims payments made during the year before we calculate the premium for the next insurance year

    Movement on the scale at the next renewal date (subject to a maximum of level 14 and a minimum of level 1)

    £0 paid

    Move up the scale by one level

    Between £0.01 - £250 paid

    Move down the scale by one level

    Between £250.01 - £500 paid

    Move down the scale by two levels

    More than £500 paid

    Move down the scale by three levels

  • The No Claims Discount is only based on claims paid by us and so any claim your client makes won’t be taken into account until the payment has been processed.

    Any claim that falls entirely within their excess will not impact their No Claims Discount level.

    For more detail please refer to the Bupa By You Membership Guide.
^Lines are open 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We may record or monitor our calls.

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