Our Mental Health hub – spread the word

13 March 2020

Each and every one of us has mental health and it’s important that we think about it in the same way as we think about our physical health - the mind and the body aren’t separate, so what affects one, will affect the other.

Thankfully this is now being recognised more than ever. At Bupa, we’re committed to leading the way – by treating mental and physical health with the same level of importance and focus, and through the launch of our new campaign, we will help shift this thinking further and encourage open conversations.

As part of our new campaign ‘Is it Normal?’, we created a new mental health hub to help support people when they need help. The hub is full of useful information, providing practical advice, support and guidance whether you are a Bupa customer or not.

Question about cover?

For customers who are unsure of what their covered for when it comes to mental health, we have a section that provides all of the information they should need.

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Mental health stories

Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 adults every year, so no one should feel ashamed if they are struggling. It’s important to share stories and experiences if we want to achieve the goal of creating an open conversation around the topic.

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Resources and signposting

At Bupa, we want to lead the conversation around mental health, provide support for everyone, not just our customers. For non-customers in need of support, we have created a page which collates useful resources and signposts to the NHS, Samaritans and other leading organisations in the field that may be able to help.

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