Introducing Bupa From Home

23 June 2020

Our commitment throughout the pandemic has always been to ensure that our customers have access to the care that they need, when they need it, even if they cannot travel to see a clinician or even leave their homes.

Over the past few month’s we’ve been working hard to ensure that our services are accessible for our customers. In order to achieve this, we have created new remote care options in addition to widening access to our existing services.

To ensure that our customers are fully aware of what is available to them remotely and how to access services, we’ve pulled all of our remote services, both existing and newly launched, under one banner – Bupa From Home.

Bupa From Home is an important proposition for our customers, it brings them peace of mind and it also provides them with greater clarity regarding what is available to them.

Here’s Iain McMillan introducing Bupa From Home and talking about what this means for our customers and our intermediary partners.

Intermediary Bupa From Home brochure

Corporate employee Bupa From Home brochure

SME employee Bupa From Home brochure

Individual customer Bupa From Home brochure