Corporate health insurance just became more scalable

17 September 2020

Big businesses need a breadth of health services to match their size. Yet due to cost, many organisations choose to spend their budget on covering certain employees as insuring everyone could be seen as too expensive.

That’s why we’re bringing some balance to corporate health cover.

Bupa Balance is a brand new product that delivers essential cover at key stages. It’s compact, efficient and most of all, more affordable. This could help your clients to extend the benefits of health cover to more of their people.

Perfectly weighted for every employee

First off, Balance helps detect problems. A specific male or female heath check will help spot common cancers and identify lifestyle issues. Early intervention means better outcomes.

Then the cover helps when it comes to diagnosing symptoms. Consultations with GPs, nurses and specialists such as physiotherapists, cardiologists and cancer specialists by phone or online provides advice and diagnosis without the wait.

And all the way through, it delivers support. From talking to nurses about family mental health worries, to helping ongoing management for chronic conditions like diabetes and heart problems, our out-patient support is here for ongoing issues that can affect your clients’ employees.

Bupa Balance does not cover day-patient and in-patient hospital treatment, cancer treatment or cash benefits.

Find out more about adding Balance to your corporate clients’ cover, speak to your Bupa account manager today.