Cash plan update from Bupa

21 October 2020

We have offered more support for Bupa cash plan customers thanks to the extra steps we’re taking to help in the current situation. Depending on the cash plan product they have chosen (customers should refer to their policy documents), customers will now be able to access some or all of the following:

Cover for exceptional dental PPE charges

The cost of PPE can be significant and additional charges for exceptional PPE would not typically be covered by our cash plan policies. However, we’re covering the cost of exceptional PPE for dental treatments up to benefit limits for the remainder of 2020 as a policy exception. This means for any claims dated from 13th July 2020, we’ll pay for the cost of treatment and the exceptional PPE costs out of the relevant dental benefit subject to normal benefit limits.

Hospital treatment

We’ve waived the usual pandemic exclusion on claims for any hospital in-patient stays and hospital day-case admissions relating to COVID-19 which began after 12 March 2020. This means any claims for hospital in-patient stays and hospital day-case admissions relating to COVID-19 will be processed in line with the policy benefit limits.

We continue to process claims for all other benefits in line with the existing standard terms and conditions for the cash plan. The pandemic exclusion will continue to apply to all other relevant benefits, such as consultations and diagnostic tests or scans where these are included in a policy, unless we inform our customers otherwise.

Accessing virtual dental services

Our cash plan policies include cover for virtual dental services. There are various at home options which you can choose from and you can claim back for these in line with dental benefit limits and terms & conditions.

Free emergency dental remote support from Bupa Dental Care

If treatment is underway or there’s an emergency, customers can have a consultation with a Bupa dentist either by telephone or by arranging a video appointment. They can use our Bupa Dental Care dentists for this service even if they’re not usually a patient with them. This service is free to use and does not impact benefit limits.

Virtual physiotherapy service

Some of our cash plan policies include cash back towards physiotherapy costs up to policy benefit limits and subject to terms and conditions. We’ve arranged access to services either by phone or video consultation if a face-to-face appointment isn’t suitable, which can be claimed back in line with the policy benefit limits and terms and conditions.

Online health checks

We’re extending access to our online health check benefit to the main member on all of our cash plan policies until the end of 2020. Our online health check is a wellbeing portal which provides a lifestyle score with recommendations and access to online coaching and support tools./p>

Further information

Letters are on the way to our cash plan customers to let them know which of these updates apply to them. Read these by downloading them using these links: