A Reminder of our Gifts and Entertainment Policy

10 November 2020

Our people are required to maintain high standards of conduct and integrity; the Bupa Code sets out what we expect of them. We expect the same of our business partners, those who supply goods and services to Bupa, and agents, brokers or other intermediaries.

Bupa has zero tolerance for all forms of financial crime, and we take these matters extremely seriously. We have policies, training programmes and monitoring processes to manage financial crime risks – including a comprehensive Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) programme.

Our ABC programme includes rules and guidance for our people on accepting different forms of Gifts and Entertainment (G&E). In certain circumstances, we allow our people to accept G&E. The value and nature of any G&E they accept must not be excessive and must be appropriate in the context of the business relationship and in line with reasonable business practice. It must not in any way compromise, or appear to compromise, a persons ability to make objective and fair decisions; it must not be offered for something in return. Our people are required to declare offers of G&E and seek prior approval. In some situations, such as during a tendering process, there is a ban on all forms of G&E.

We expect our business partners to behave in an ethical way and to respect our G&E rules. Please do not provide our people with G&E without first discussing the matter with your Bupa Relationship Manager.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to G&E, please contact your Bupa Account Manager.